What if the Future of the Universe Depended on Your Integrity? by Jeff Carreira and Elizabeth Debold

Exploring the concept of integrity from the vantage point of the universe itself.

The word integrity is central both to the spiritual teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment and to integral theory. Integrity points to the inherent non-separation between the inner and outer dimensions of the universe—between the realm of consciousness and that of the manifest world. For us human beings, this deeper integrity means that what we believe to be true and how we act should be two mirror aspects of one single, inseparable whole.

How does this “integrated” understanding of integrity change our sense of our own morality? And what will it take for us to live up to in action what we have already realized through experience or understanding?

These questions are critical to our evolutionary future because we truly are the evolving awareness of the universe, and our ability to act with integrity is, in that sense, the integrity of the universe itself.