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Comments on END:CIV and Derrick Jensen

While I found Mr. Ripper's exploration about spirituality interesting, his views of Derrick Jensen (and Ward Churchill) are misinformed. It seems that his views are formed by what he has heard about Jensen and not from actually having read his books. Just hearing his statement "...That idea of a violent response being the only response and that everything else is wimpy is one of their perspectives" shows how unfamiliar Mr. Ripper is with the material.

Jensen writes:

"We need it all. We need everything. We need people chaining themselves to trees, we need people taking out dams, we need people liberating animals, we need people working rape crisis hotlines, we need people working with medicinal herbs, we need people teaching people how to sing, we need people communicating, and we need people who are entirely underground and doing the things that underground people need to do. We need everything. That's the wonderful thing about everything being so fucked up. No matter where you looks there's great work to be done."

Derrick is not opposed to non-violence, what he's saying is that non-violence is not the be-all end-all of tactics and that other tactics should be open for discussion. Just like legendary community organizer Saul Alisnky, Derrick advocates for the use tactics that are going to work for a particular situation.

With that said I invite Mr. Ripper to come to our event on Oct. 24th and engage Jensen "in person"


Franklin López

Posted by Franklin López (not verified) on October 5, 2009 - 11:21am
Get it right...

velcro ripper? that is to tear apart the hook and fuzz connection that holds stuff together. almost a violent sound and action, but perhaps very soothing in a way especially if your shoes are velcroed too tight.

???those people would sit down and drink a beer with the republican party and maybe they do???? WOW! all that enlightenment and then velcro opener says something like that. I have to laugh at the ridiculous name and reread some of Endgame to center and ground myself in the necessary framework of resistance to an occupying force. If velcro told jews in warsaw that violence is not an appropriate response, how would they have felt? If he actually could hear himself, perhaps he would breathe in the bullshit and breathe out an apology for saying such ignorant rude shit. and thanks for such apology. we are on this planet together.
Saying that DJ's ecocentrism is anti-humanism belies the fact that DJ addressed that argument in Endgame also. As humans, we are an integral part of the environment/ecology and thus have a desperate need to use any means necessary to stop the violent destruction of our home and families. Spirituality and violent resistance to violent oppression are not polar opposites.
Depression is anger turned inward and anger is fear's assertion for survival. There is hope and optimism based on the fact that this discussion is happening at all.
Divisiveness is certainly a waste of time and seems to be ego based self serving.
Just had to say SOMETHING! so there it is. most of the rest of velcro's lifework seems very inspirational and honorable; unfortunately, my first impression had to be this disparaging interview and subsequent backpedaling. going to dangerous places and getting shot at does not make you wiser, just lucky. if you are positive half the time, you may be balanced.
yours truly,
Anonnie Mouse (i am human, i think.)

Posted by anonymous (not verified) on October 23, 2009 - 10:38am
Velcrow's response

For those interested in the subsequent exchange between Franklin and Velcrow check out

Posted by humble on October 20, 2009 - 11:34am