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Organizing Day Retreats

We need info in here on how to hold a day retreat.


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Submitted by sangha on March 7, 2009 - 6:58pm

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Organizing Day Retreats

A Spiritual Day For You... A Day Retreat... Time for your Spirit to Soar, the Buddha-way. A time for Self Development in the tradition of spritual sustain-ability and peaceful means. May I suggest, firstly to research and select a location that fits with your intuition and inner energy. Be sure there is a teacher available to share Your Day with. Be sure there is Walking Meditation space, Quiet space, warmth and comfort. Take only One Book with you that you will wish to meditate on and discuss with the teacher. It is not that you are to agree or even understand the teachers sharing with you, but spiritually what is important is the Law of Cause, Karma and Effect, You the Universe and the teacher so you can appreciate the Day. Our Day retreat starts at 9 am and ends a 9 pm with a nice balance of time, energy, learning and meditation. Light fruit and liquids only. For a detailed suggested Day Retreat, please visit our Sangha website at http://www.penlan.com/ retreat schedule. Faith is a personal journey, the revolution of inner self. Respectfully, Henry Ajari
beautiful Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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