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Talk Given on March 2, 2012 by Michael Stone

The practice of yoga is a practice of intimacy. The process of reaching into the physical, psychological and other interdependent sheaths of the postures wakes us up to the intelligence of life.

Through becoming intimate with the breathing patterns, bandhas and stillness of meditative awareness we wake to our lives and realize the possibility of serving others. Yoga Philosophy and practice, juxtaposed with Buddhism and western Psychology gives us the tools for personal healing and social action.

Learn more about Michael Stone: http://www.centreofgravity.org/

61:23 minutes (42.16 MB)

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Occupy The Present Moment

Repeats every day until Mon Nov 21 2011 .

Meditation is an excellent foundation for social action. The intention of the Occupy the Present Moment zone is to co-create an intention and practice of mindfulness at the Occupy Vancouver protest. By cultivating attention in the present moment, we extend kindness and compassion to ourselves and to those around us. Doing so, we work towards destroying the foundations of greed, hatred, and ignorance.

Perhaps this will be your main form of liberatory activity at Occupy Vancouver, or perhaps it can serve as a source of refreshment and renewal for other actions that you are taking on a drop-in basis.

All traditions and levels of experience are welcome - we ask simply that everyone practice with respect and kindness.


Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby St.

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On Activism and the Spiritual Path by Buddhist Geeks

Shambhala Publications President, Richard Reoch, shares his hilarious observations on the similarities between the spiritual path and the path of activism. It begins with a question by BG's Vince Horn. This is excerpted from Buddhist Geeks episode 170, "The Enlightened Society".

6:12 minutes (4.13 MB)

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Velcrow Ripper's Fierce Light by obi-nine

This is a conversation that I had with film-maker Velcrow Ripper. Our conversation started with an overview of his current and forthcoming films and ranged though contemporary ecoactivism, the anarchoprimitivism of Derrick Jensen and the forthcoming film END:CIV, the Integral movement, the divine feminine, his spiritual practice, transhumanism and the singularity, and the numbers 11 and 9.
Recorded at the Dharmalab on September 23, 2009.

51:31 minutes (51.75 MB)

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Vimala Thakar: Spiritual Revolutionary and Activist - A Tribute To Her Extraordinary Life by Chris Parish and Kyrsten Perry

Vimala Thakar passed away on March 11th 2009 in India. In this webcast we honour the life of this deeply enlightened and independent woman, and share our personal experiences of both meeting and interviewing her. She was a rare and inspiring example for us all of what real spiritual attainment looks like, and of integrating the inner and outer life.

50:08 minutes (22.95 MB)

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