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Elizabeth Debold and Jeff Carreira start an in-depth discussion of some of the most profound Guru/Pandit dialogues between spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher Ken Wilber from the pages of EnlightenNext magazine. On this webcast they discuss the Guru/Pandit article from Issue #24 of EnlightenNext magazine called, “In Search of a New Moral Compass.” This article addresses some of the most pressing moral issues of our time from an evolutionary and integral perspective.

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Examining the miraculous process of individuation, how it has evolved through time, and the possibility of actively guiding it into the future.

Individuation occurs when we develop the capacity to distinguish our psychological world from the external world, when we learn to distinguish between “self” and “other.” It is what gives us our sense of being “someone,” of “self” of “me-ness.”

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Join American Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das for an exploration of how Buddhism is evolving--and needs to evolve--to meet the complexities and challenges of the 21st century. We explore questions including: What would an "evolutionary Buddhism" look like? How is the emerging Integral worldview changing the expression of Buddhism? And what is the enduring value of tradition in our fast-changing postmodern world?

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Ken's most recent thinking about the holonic structure of reality and the principles of evolution.  Ken has further refined and expanded his theory;  in fact you could say that, in true evolutionary fashion, his new approach to evolutionary theory transcends and includes what he had developed before. Tom Huston will explain these newer aspects of the theory as presented in Ken's recent book, Integral Spirituality, and also as elaborated in the unpublished sequel to Sex, Ecology, Spirituality that can be found on the web.

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