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Thich Nhat Hanh offers stark, gentle wisdom for living in a world of anger and violence. Here, he discusses the concepts of "engaged Buddhism," "being peace," and "mindfulness."

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In this teleseminar on "the Unique Self," Dr. Marc Gafni explores what it means to move beyond egoic specialness or uniqueness into an experience of radical "enlightened uniqueness." Marc explains why he feels that Unique Self is the most powerful and complete expression of enlightenment, love, Eros and joy, and why it will fundamentally challenge—and evolve—our entire understanding of life purpose, enlightenment and just about everything else.

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Thus far, we have covered fifteen tenets and their relationship to Evolutionary Enlightenment. In our call this week, we will discuss the final set of tenets, which explore how evolution has a direction, or telos, and is moving toward a goal. Here are this week's tenets:
Evolution has directionality, which includes:

1. increasing complexity
2. increasing differentiation/integration
3. increasing organization/structuration
4. increasing relative autonomy
5. increasing telos

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