Dhamma Talks

Binaural Intro Featuring Eckhart Tolle - Obi-nine/RadioKosmos ; A Buddhist Podcast Promo - A Buddhist Podcast ; Surrender - Chemda ; Surrendering to the Now - Eckhart Tolle; The Emerald Valley - Cynthia Jordan.

30:42 minutes (28.12 MB)

Is the world we are presented with the best and sanest choice we can make? Is there an alternative to the straightjacket so many of us put ourselves in? In this course Ven. Robina will explore the reasons why we willingly bring such misery upon ourselves in order to be happy, and by asking what happiness really is she will give us tools to deconstruct our mental chains and review where we really want to go.

90:09 minutes (41.27 MB)

The intrinsic nature of mind is naturally lucid, aware, bright, open, empty and cling free. It is only temporarily limited or corrupted by being mixed with adventitious obscurations. Lama Surya Das explains & elucidates natural meditation, nowness-awareness, how to sit and gage and be, and explains his original four kinds of mindfulness.

45:48 minutes (20.97 MB)
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