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My First Time

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I am currently listening to binaural beats for the first time. It's been a little over 45 minutes (my estimate) and I am feeling great! I have also drank about 2 1/4 PBRs but I really want to credit the binaural beats with most of this feeling. I drink PBR nearly every night and even three don't typically make me feel this way! Currently I am listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcLsgIjo-Wc and although I have never actually had acid, I can say that I feel good right now. A feeling that I am currently experiencing that I never have before is I'm singing with my headphones on and I can hear two of my own voice. It's hard to describe but it is definitely attributable to what I'm taking in audio-wise. Soooo my roomate just walked in... I am not sure why I chose to include that in this blog entry, but I wish we were better friends than we are. Since day one, I've wanted to be closer to her, but she is more of a conformist and I am simply too "weird" for her to befriend :/ But I have made a few pretty great friends here. I will probably blog more about that later; I have a lot to say.
Well this will do it for my first blog entry,
peace with the universe and love-filled souls to you all,

Submitted by pabstbluejedi on March 5, 2013 - 5:48pm

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